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Investment Schedule

Membership Investment Schedule


Family or Individual

(Does not include listing in Chamber Website Directory or Pass to Business Builders)



Entrepreneur or Free Agent

Businesses with less than 3 employees

(including Churches, Non-Profits & Civic Clubs)


Bronze Level - Businesses with less than 15 employees

(including Schools or Licensed Professional Occupations)


Silver Level - Businesses with less than 50 employees


Gold Level - Businesses with less than 100 employees


Platinum Level - Businesses with 100+ employees

(including Banks & Utilities)


Catalyst Level


Keystone Level


Chairman's Circle


Legacy Level



Family or Individuals:
 Those individuals not associated with a business listing.
General Businesses:   Any business licensed in the City of Wetumpka or the County of Elmore, includes businesses not otherwise classified.

Licensed Professional Occupations:  Physicians, dentists, osteopaths, chiropractors,
 lawyers, CPA’s, accountants, architects, engineers, veterinarians, or any
 other person whose degree confers special privilege. Base fee for the
 business principal and additional fee for each partner or associate listed
 (on web page or printed material) with the business.

Entrepreneur of Free Agents:  Residential and commercial realtors;
insurance agencies with multiple agents. Base fee for one broker/agent
and additional fee for each associate listed (on web page or printed
material) with the business.

Utilities: Includes electricity, natural gas, telephone and water.

Banks: Includes employee credit unions, savings and loans.

Non-profit Organizations: churches, civic and garden clubs and associations such
as scouting, all dedicated to the enhancement of life in the area.
Those having 501-C-(3) or 501-C-(6) status.
Schools: Private or public schools and Boards of Education.

If you have questions regarding your business classification, please contact the Chamber Office, 567-4811.

To compute the number of persons involved in a business, consider two part-time people equal to one full-time person.

By-laws - Section 5, Voting Each member designee shall be entitled to cast one vote but no firm, association or corporation shall have more than five (5) votes. Voting entitlement shall be determined by the amount of investment in multiples of $100.00, not to exceed five (5) votes.

 By written notice, any member may request to terminate membership.
 All memberships are billed January 1 of each year. If payment is not received in thirty (30) days, a second notice will be sent; if payment is not received in sixty (60) days, a FINAL NOTICE will be sent; if payment is not received in ninety (90) days, any benefits such as referrals, newsletters, notices, and internet use/association benefits will be terminated.